90% of Sutherland employees are onboarded and serviced digitally with mobile eSignatures by Evrotrust.

Sutherland, a leader in digital transformation services, enhanced its administrative processes by implementing Evrotrust's e-signature solutions. This integration enabled Sutherland to significantly improve document management efficiency, reducing document turnaround times by 50% and cutting costs related to document handling by 70%.

The Challenge

Before integrating Evrotrust's solutions, Sutherland faced multiple challenges in document management, primarily revolving around signing and handling physical documents. These challenges included:

  • In-Person Signing Necessities: Documents required signing in person at the office or incurred courier expenses.
  • Inefficiencies with Courier Services: There were frequent issues with documents being incorrectly signed or returned unsigned.
  • Time-Consuming Processes: A substantial amount of time was dedicated to preparing, signing, and archiving physical documents.

The Solution

The adoption of Evrotrust's mobile e-signature and e-delivery trust services was driven by Sutherland's goal to eliminate manual, cumbersome processes and enhance operational efficiency. Impressed by Evrotrust's expertise and its reputation within the industry, Sutherland embarked on a comprehensive digitization of their entire administrative services cycle and HR operations. Evrotrust's qualified trust services are in line with the applicable labor laws, allowing Sutherland employees to remotely sign documents like employment contracts, annexes, and leaves. This decision supported Sutherland's commitment to stay at the forefront of technological innovation and improve their environmental footprint by reducing paper usage and transport needs.


The Results

The implementation of Evrotrust's e-signature technology positioned Sutherland as one of the top employers in Bulgaria to adopt such advanced digital solutions. Key results from this transformation include:

  • Enhanced Speed: The entire document turnaround time was significantly reduced, allowing new employees to be onboard in just 15 minutes.
  • High Digital Adoption: 90% of employees are now onboarded or serviced digitally.
  • Increased Efficiency: Processes related to HR and onboarding became 50% faster.
  • Perfect Accuracy: Achieved 100% accuracy in document signing.
  • Cost Reductions: Realized a 70% cost reduction in processes using remote signing.
  • Immediate Document Access: Employees gained instant access to their employment-related documents, reducing the time needed to provide copies and enhancing overall satisfaction.

About Sutherland

Sutherland is a distinctive digital transformation company that serves as the driving force behind today's experience giants—renowned companies recognized for their groundbreaking transformative experiences. Our expertise spans diverse industries, including Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Technology, Travel & Hospitality, and Logistics. 

Established in 2008 in Bulgaria, Sutherland has evolved into a workforce of over 2,000 professionals situated across three key sites in the cities of Sofia, Varna, and Burgas. Our dedicated team offers technical support and customer service across five different industries, catering to clients in 17 European languages. We take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and driving digital innovation across a broad spectrum of sectors.