On a mission

to build the trust of a tribe on a global scale

We started Evrotrust because we realized something that the rest of the world hasn’t figured out yet. Physical ID cards, the foundation of identity in global society, and paper documents, which are the blood flow of doing business today, are dinosaurs whose days are numbered. We know that for the society to truly benefit from converging technologies, trust is required as a catalyst to facilitate the exchanges of goods and services in this new virtual world.

Think about this next bit for a second

There are over a billion people that lack any form of legal identification to prove who they are. As such, these people are denied basic rights like access of financial or public services. On top of that, out of 7.6B people on Earth 44% (3.4B) have an ID but no digital trail to use it. Accelerating the world’s digitalization drives us.

That's why we are here

Evrotrust is built by a strong foundational team of industry and business experts. We have our fingers on the pulse of emerging trends and regulations and have a proven track record of predicting (and shaping) the future in the identity and trust space, so that we can be the first and last Trust-as-a-Service partner you will need.

Konstantin Bezuhanov


Evrotrust is not just about digital solutions, it's about the synergy of our diverse talents and expertise coming together to empower individuals and businesses. As a team, we collaborate to create secure, efficient, and accessible digital experiences for all.

George Dimitrov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

The creation of Evrotrust is a dream come true, made possible thanks to the creativity and talent of our team of professionals who put their hearts and souls into realizing an idea that many believed was out of reach with the existing technology. Evrotrust is a real technological revolution.

Petya Valkova

Product Manager

At Evrotrust I've found great innovative minds, friendly atmosphere and so many different and challenging international projects. Can’t ask for more.

Mihaela Mihaleva

HR Manager

Evrotrust has chosen me and our love was mutual! As an HR specialist I know how important is chemistry in order to do what you love. In the end me and my colleagues spend our whole days together and it’s just lovely that I feel like they are my family. 

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Not digital-first

Digital-only is more like it

Our team is all about building a great culture for award-winning company. We take great pride in what we do, as we know that every single person or business on this planet can benefit from it. Actually, the planet itself also benefits as we help keep energy and paper consumption levels low, so our clients focus on their busines. From scheduling interviews and onboarding newcomers to cheering up bored-at-home colleagues under quarantine with an online meet-up, we love to explore life in the digital age. We are proud to say that when it comes to digitization we practice what we preach. See how your business can benefit from this digital-only mindset and our expertise in the field by following the link below.

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