Say no to paper

Qualified electronic signature

Evrotrust gives you a powerful solution to transform your legacy process from beginning to end. Upload documents, have them signed and store them securely. Digital signing is quick as a click-of-a-button and with the same legal value as a handwritten signature. Combine the electronic signature with a qualified timestamp to prove when exactly the signature was made.

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Anytime, anywhere

The Qualified electronic signature is issued in less than a minute, valid for 2 years and can be used with no time and place limitation – via mobile phone.

All types of e-Signatures

You choose whether it’s qualified or advanced signature, we have it. Or whether it’s one-time eSign via SMS or eSign via mobile app, we have your business use case covered.

Fully compliant

Our eSignatures are fully eIDAS compliant, giving you full freedom to enable digital interactions in any process flow.

A secure service used by millions

Just a click to eSign

Choose your integration option and move to a user-friendly, cost-effective and errorless document signing flows. Start now and give your clients an easy and secure way to interact remotely with your business.

Simple steps for digitally signed documents


Identity verification

Our identity verification service guarantees your documents will always be received and signed by the right person. Your customer needs to go through the identification process only once via their smart device.


Qualified electronic signature issue

Qualified electronic signature is issued remotely and free of charge for the end user. It can then be used anytime and anywhere to sign digital documents via mobile phone.


Digital document signing

PDF file or group of files is securely delivered to your customer and accessible via mobile application. Customer can view, read and confirm the signing of the documents. We support all document file types for enabling digitalization of all process. We also support all signing formats – XadES, PAdES and CAdES.


eSigned documents history

All digitally signed documents are available in the mobile app and the user can access them at all times.


Interact digitally

Once customer passes through the process, he has in his pocket a tool to digitally sign documents in future with no need to visit office and wait on queues.

Addressing your challenges

Financial services

Our solution completely eliminates the need for office visitations and handwritten signatures, while having the same legal value. Implement digital documents signing and unify the experience across your multi-channel communication.


Leverage digital document signing at the right moment of the contract lifecycle. Empower your employees with the tool to close deals fast and frictionless.


Filling administrative forms can be overwhelming. Doing it digitally it reduces the chance for mistakes and complaints for a ‘missed signature on page 2’. Process documents faster in a secure and convenient way with qualified digital signatures from Evrotrust.

This is what matters most

We are fully eIDAS compliant

As a Qualified Trust Service Provider, our solution is eIDAS compliant and officially listed in the Trusted List of the EU Commission. We are a proud holder of certifications that prove our professionalism. Find out more in Compliance section.