Digital version for registered mail


Handing over of electronic documents and other digital content and proving in an unambiguous way the identity of the sender and the receiver, the accuracy of the date and time for sending and receipt, as well as the content integrity, is the only legally recognised digital way for the registered mail service throughout Europe.

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Immediate and secure

Handover invoices, receipts, statements, due payments, contracts to your customers directly to their mobile phone. Be sure that message is received by identified addressee.

Get the proof for delivery

Right after sending, receive immediate receipts holding the proof to who, when and what was securely delivered. Reduces risk.

Reduce cost and delays

By using our solution you avoid the logistical costs of delivering printed documents and transmission failures. eDelivery is instantaneous, no waste of time, no double sending.

The legal certainty of evidence

e-Delivery = guaranteed delivery

Our solution makes possible to transmit data to any third party using electronic means. It protects transmitted data against loss, theft, damage, or any other unauthorised alterations. We ensure a high level of confidence with regards to the identification of the sender and the addressee before the delivery. Hence, eDelivery service provides the sender with legal proof that he/she has sent a given data at a given time to a given receiver and that the receiver has accepted the message at a given time.

Few steps for secure e-Delivery


Identity verification

We proof and verify the identity of the person to who electronic message will be delivered. It takes 2 mins and is completed via mobile phone.


Prepare and send documents

Generate, prepare and send document to your customers using e-Delivery service.


Immediate delivery

Documents are received by the intended receiver completely securely via mobile app. Documents can be viewed and are accessible in any time.


Legal certainty

You receive back receipts generate to proof the legal certainty on what, when, by who is sent and to who is delivered.


Avoid mistakes and delays

Use e-Delivery at the moment of the event and deliver securely message wight away to your customers.

Best if you are in the field of


Use it to send insurance policies you have issued directly to a respondent.


Send letters for due payments, changes in contract or deliver a PIN code securely.

... and many more

Public services, stock exchange, education, telecoms can also take advantage of it.

We are fully compliant

As a Qualified trust service provider, our solution is eIDAS compliant. Our organization is under national supervision and our compliance with the requirements is regularly checked by an accredited, trusted entity – conformity assessment body.