Know your customers, without meeting them

Identity proofing and verification

Evrotrust brings reusable digital identity in the hands of your customers. Our identity verification process is fast, user-friendly and fully KYC and AML compliant. We cover a wide variety of identity documents and a full list of verifiable personal attributes, face recognition and liveliness check. All of this completed within 2 mins with data verified by our experts and securely delivered to you with the explicit consent of your customer.

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Fast and secure

Cutting edge identity verification flow performed remotely via mobile app.

Reusable digital identity

Created only once, used wherever and whenever needed with a click-to-consent.

Fully compliant

Onboard remotely your new customers while ensuring eIDAS/KYC/KYB/AML compliance.

Not just a solution, this is the new norm of interaction

Digital identity in everyday life

We verify who your customer claims to be completely remotely via smart phone, you reduce the time and cost of every acquisition journey. Embed our identity proofing and verification solution as step one of every process whenever your customer needs to say digitally: “Hi, that’s me.”

Few steps for a reusable digital identity


Identity document check

Unique ID document identifier, analysis of texts and graphics, validations for both optical (OCR) and RFID parts (NFC).


Personal data attributes check

All data attributes are extracted, including pictures of the document, specimen and address. Verification against primary data source is performed where available.


Identity verification

Face matching technology guarantees that person in possession of the document is the person in front of the camera. Liveness check is ensuring we are dealing with a real person. 95% of users pass the automated video identification, while the remaining 5% get a live verification from our trained experts in their native language.


Contact details verification

Contact details are gathered and confirmed via OTP using only up-to-date information.


Digital identity creation

Customers can now approve with a single click any request from you to provide personal data for the purposes of your KYC/AML processes or any low-risk process, such as age verification. It’s reusable – once created then used whenever needed.

Addressing your challenges

Financial services

We understand regulations you need to comply with. Our best-in-class digital onboarding comes with full certification coverage.


Onboard customers, maintain up-to-date clients’ contact details and easily retarget your prospects. Facilitate agile retention campaigns and improve your conversion rates.


Digitalization of processes is transforming citizens’ experience when interacting with government. Eliminate the queues and change the perception of public services by becoming a true e-Government. We have a proven track record of successful government projects.

Shift the legal liability away

We are fully compliant

The method for remote electronic identification is certified and in line to Regulation 910/EC, listed in the Trust List of the EU Commission and considered valid cross-border in all EU member states.

Regulated as legally valid for AML/KYC purposes by Directive (EU) 2018/843 of European Parliament and 5th AMLD. Find out more in Compliance section.