Your citizens are distributed across the globe

e-Government that services the citizens and impairs the fraudsters

The world is accelerating the transformation to digital. Governments are under more pressure to provide secure yet easy processes for its citizens. Whether it is for change of address, veteran affairs, taxpayer services or digitalizing any federal, state and local government process - the Evrotrust platform can secure the most efficient citizen centric digital journey.

Modern public services for the new age

The Evrotrust identity verification process matches biometric data from a selfie of the user to the data extracted from their ID document. After verification, you can send users any digital document which they can then sign with an electronic signature - all provided by Evrotrust. That way you can be sure you're providing secure services only to confirmed parties.

Services for e-Government

Simple reusable registration

The citizen downloads an app and registers within 2 minutes. From then on, they has a reusable eID and eSign application that works with a click of a button. Our app can also integrate with your current eGov solution via API or SDK.

Highly secure and safe interactions

In a world where identity fraud factors for 80% of total digital fraud - security is paramount. For Evrotrust security is not just a feature. We have been certified as one of the most secure digital identity and trust services applications.

Fast and time-saving transactions

The days of on-site visits are long gone. Citizens demand more services online through devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers.