Universities go digital

The next level in online education

The last few years have accelerated the need for students from kindergarten to MBA to engage in online classes. Managing trust between you, your digital learners, and your online instructor has never been so important. We can help you master this change.

One solution for secure remote interactions

Evrotrust allows for remote identity verification of students and educators, using only their smartphones. An ID document scan paired with a selfie is everything needed for us to confirm your remote classroom is safe from cheaters and bad actors. We also provide qualified electronic signatures and facilitate remote document signing with the highest legal value.

Make online education easy and secure

Automate manual processes

Eliminating manual verification is key to any education platform that strives to scale fast. With Evrotrust, your platform can be sure that the participants, students, and instructors, are who they claim to be and not an impersonator. Keep your service remote and make sure you are offering the best possible product.

Enroll students efficiently online

New or international students can sign their documents online without the need for any physical exchange of paper. Build a global community of students and instructors without ever compromising on security.

Maintain trust throughout the whole user journey

Trust is a crucial piece of the online education puzzle. Ensure continuous academic integrity in your community by working with a qualified service provider, certified to the highest regulatory standards.