The notary deed for time


Binds the date and time with the data in a way that largely excludes the possibility of unnoticed data changes. A qualified reliable, non-repudiation service that allows you to keep legal record for when information is created or deleted or exchanged.

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Timestamp any type of file

Our solution is truly versatile. No, seriously. Any file can be timestamped.


Proves existence for specific datum at an instant of time.

Trusted time source

Based on time coordinated by UTC to provide reliable and secure information.

The notary deed for time

A bit more about e-Timestamp

Verify times for critical deadlines, our solution guarantees authenticity, integrity, and traceability of information. E-Timestamp established legal evidence and can be widely used for any document, transaction, copyright, or system log. You can prove the time of signing, the existence of any transaction or any system event.

Few steps for qualified e-Timestamp


Prepare data

Prepare hash of your data/document and send it as a request using HTTP/HTTPS.


Timestamp service

TSS is used and response is provided back.


Store for future proof

Requestor stores timestamp data/document for future use or proof.

Best Solution Industry Fit:

Financial Services

Any contract, invoice, receipt, tax declaration can be time-stamped so to proof its existence at this specific time.


As an reference number when user sends application or when an answer is sent to someone. Any system event taking important part of a process can be time stamped.

Copyright, patent

License, intellectual property - prove the first publishing time, proof the creation.

We Are Fully Compliant

As a Qualified Trust Service Provider, our solution is eIDAS compliant. As well as RFC 3161, ETSI TS 102 023, ETSI EN 319 401 and EN 319 421.