65% of EOS Matrix's clients sign their agreements remotely using Qualified eSignatures by Evrotrust.

In an era where digital transformation is key to operational efficiency, EOS Matrix, a leader in debt collection and receivables management in Bulgaria, has embraced innovation through a strategic partnership with Evrotrust. By integrating Evrotrust's qualified electronic signing technology, EOS Matrix has successfully digitized the signing process, achieving an impressive 65% customer adoption rate.


The Challenge

Before the collaboration with Evrotrust, EOS Matrix faced significant operational hurdles. Managing over 300,000 unique customer accounts, the company traditionally relied on paper-based processes for signing debt repayment agreements. This method was not only resource-intensive but also prone to issues such as delays and document losses, complicating the negotiation and agreement processes.

The Solution

The decision to integrate Evrotrust's Qualified Electronic Signing (QES) into EOS Matrix's operations was a strategic move aligned with a decade-long digitalization effort. The need for robust, seamless digital solutions became paramount as the digital landscape evolved, particularly during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Evrotrust emerged as a fitting partner due to its proven expertise and the legal validity of its electronic signatures, which are as binding as handwritten ones.

Digitalization with Evrotrust's Services:

With the adoption of Evrotrust's services, EOS Matrix digitalized crucial processes, particularly document delivery and signing. The qualified e-delivery service enabled direct document transmission to customers' smartphones via the Evrotrust app, where they could easily review and sign with just a few clicks. Initially, there was concern about customer reception due to the relatively low usage of digital channels in 2019. However, these fears were quickly dismissed as the adoption of e-signatures saw a rapid increase, climbing to 50% within the first year and reaching over 65% subsequently. EOS Matrix has set a target to achieve 80% remote signing by the end of 2024.

The Results

The integration of Evrotrust's technology significantly streamlined EOS Matrix's operations, saving resources equivalent to the efforts of three full-time employees. The benefits were manifold:

  • Efficiency Gains: The time, paper, and human resources previously devoted to manual processes were substantially reduced.
  • Enhanced Security: The certainty of identity verification with electronic signatures increased the security of transactions.
  • Customer Convenience: The simplified process improved customer experience, making it easier for them to fulfill their commitments.

Internally, EOS Matrix also adopted Evrotrust's solutions for managing HR documentation. This allowed a single HR specialist to efficiently manage over 200 employee requests and documents electronically, significantly reducing paper usage and saving time for managers and HR staff.

About EOS Matrix

EOS Matrix, part of EOS Group, is a pivotal player in debt collection and receivables management within Bulgaria. Established in 2002, the company has been instrumental in partnering with leading banks and non-banking financial institutions, leveraging over 50 years of international experience in debt purchase and recovery. EOS Matrix's mission is dedicated to enhancing its clients' financial health by collecting debts effectively, ensuring professionalism, and maintaining respect and fairness in all dealings.