DISCORDIA moves to paperless HR processes with Qualified Electronic Signatures.

DISCORDIA, an international leader in transport and logistics, has taken a big step into the future by going digital with their HR processes. Partnering with Evrotrust, they introduced a system relying on electronic signatures to make paperwork faster and more eco-friendly. Before, handling documents took a significant amount of time and paper. With the new Evrotrust integration, DISCORDIA aimed to make things quicker and reduce paper waste. This change has made HR tasks 10% faster, which in turn leads to cost savings in all processes that previously required manually handling paper documents. This innovation is part of Discordia's greater digital transformation strategy, aiming to transition to a modern and greener way of working.

The Challenge

Before teaming up with Evrotrust, DISCORDIA faced the same problem many companies do - lots of paperwork. Managing HR tasks like leave requests and signing other labor documents was slow and demanding. Legacy processes were inefficient and prone to mistakes. As a company that cares about being eco-friendly, they wanted to find a better way. DISCORDIA needed a solution to digitalize their HR tasks while complying with complex labor regulations and keeping their employees' personal data secure.


The Solution

DISCORDIA chose Evrotrust because their electronic signature app and integration tools fit perfectly with what DISCORDIA needed: a fast, reliable, and secure way to handle HR paperwork. The mobile app lets employees review and sign documents straight from their phones, making things like submitting a leave or sick leave request or signing employment contracts from a distance and with full legality. Evrotrust offered API integration capabilities that allowed for simple integration into DISCORDIA's HRM system. This switch to digital made the whole process of HR document administration much smoother and helped DISCORDIA transition to electronic labor files.


The Results are in

"Introducing electronic document signing in our HR processes immediately leads to a 10% reduction in turnaround time for key HR functions."

After adopting Evrotrust's electronic signature solution, DISCORDIA achieved a significant improvement in the speed electronic documents were handled. Employee experience was boosted by empowering staff to submit leave requests, sick leave papers, and sign labor contracts digitally and remotely. HR experts can now focus on productive tasks instead of printing, scanning, sending, and filing paper documents. Digitalization of the employee labor file allows for standardized processes with and audit trail, which also minimizes the chance for errors. Not only did this make the HR department's work easier, but it also contributed to DISCORDIA's commitment to reducing their environmental impact by using less paper.


DISCORDIA is the largest transport and logistics company in Bulgaria. We are an established leader in the Balkans and in the top 20 on the European market, with more than 30 years of history and experience in the business. We offer services in three directions: international road transport, including our own fleet of over 1600 trucks and auto-forwarding services covering all of Europe; rail freight forwarding and sea and air freight forwarding, providing transportation to all parts of the world. Currently, the company is actively working with over 70 countries (40 of them are in Europe), and it is constantly expanding its global coverage.

DISCORDIA has offices in Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Romania, and the company employs more than 2400 people, with the ambition to increase their number to 10,000 by 2030.

Becoming a technological leader in the industry is among the goals and ambitions of DISCORDIA. We have already started working in this direction, investing in the integration of digital and innovative software solutions of the latest generation. They will help us optimize various key business processes in the organization and provide an increasingly better customer experience.

And last but not least, we are socially responsible and eco-oriented. In 2022, we were even officially recognized for our driving policy, which contributes to a significant reduction of harmful emissions.