Evrotrust Release Notes (Official Release v.23.3.0)

PRODUCTION RELEASE: October 23. 2023 Dear Evrotrust customers and partners, we’re happy to announce the release of Evrotrust v.23.3.0. Production release is planned for October 23, 2023, and is expected to start at 21:00 EEST with approximately 3 hours of downtime. Details on the improvements and changes are below.

NEW SERVICE: Evrotrust Web SDK

Integrate our new service - Evrotrust Web SDK, in your web or mobile application and request identification of your client in just 2 steps – ID document and face scan. Then send documents for eSign with OTP to your client: 1. Web SDK provides a short identification process with easy-to-follow steps; 2. We keep all controls you already know, to guarantee the ID documents are genuine, valid and in the possession of the user that will pass the face scan step. We verify and proof the identity of the person. You get the verified PII data after a successful identification; 3. Web SDK by Evrotrust is a certified trust service. Book a consultation with us to explore how you can integrate Web SDK identification by Evrotrust in your web or mobile application.


Update to the latest version available - v.2.0.415 for Android and v.2.0.702 for iOS.

{NEW} Mobile app is now available for Huawei users at AppGallery

You can now find and download the Evrotrust mobile application on your Huawei device from AppGallery.

{IMPROVED} Security upgrade

Updated encryption method for the Evrotrust mobile application.

{FIXED} iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Pro document scan issue fixed

We have fixed an issue for document scanning for these device models.

{FIXED} Fixed problem with certificate issue

Some of our users had trouble with issuing new certificates. This is now fixed, and it won’t happen with the updated versions.

{FIXED} Fixed a problem with not supported symbols in the address field

Symbols “<”, and “>” are not permitted for the address field in the new profile registration process or during user profile update.


Latest API v.1.0.223

{NEW} Add annotations to your PDFs when sending docs for eSign

New optional parameters for PDF annotations are added to: /document/doc/online /document/group/online /document/doc/offline /document/doc/offline/file /document/group/offline /document/group/offline/file When should you use it? 1. Your organization needs to add an incoming number and date in a special field of the PDF document at the moment of eSign. No worries – send us the needed parameters in the request and we will add the data in the specified fields at the moment of eSign to the PDF. 2. Your organization needs to add a name and position of a company representative in a special field of the PDF document at the moment of eSign – send us the needed parameters in the request and we will add the data in the fields at the moment of eSign to the PDF. Contact us to discuss your needs and for more information.

{IMPROVED} OTP eSign – no register check dependency (only BG related)

Contact us to discuss your current integration and how to optimize it. For all API requests for OTP eSign specific scenarios we have made “error code 469” clearer: “Request cannot be processed. Register check not successful.” /document/doc/offline /document/doc/offline/file /document/group/offline /document/group/offline/file /document/doc/identification/offline /document/doc/identification/offline/file /hash/offline/init /hash/offline/file/init /hash/group/offline/init /hash/group/offline/file/init /document/doc/identification/offline A new parameter - “RegisterCheck” is added in the responses for the below API requests: /document/status /document/group/status /document/thread/status /document/threads/status /hash/group/offline/check /hash/offline/check “RegisterCheck” gives you information whether there was a check in the register or not. Based on this you can decide what is the BNA (best-next-action) for your process.

{NEW} Make OTP eSign requests with a passport number

Now you can send requests for OTP eSign with a passport number of your client. We have added optional parameter "documentType" in the following API requests: /document/doc/offline /document/doc/offline/file /document/group/offline /document/group/offline/file /document/doc/identification/offline /document/doc/identification/offline/file /hash/offline/init /hash/offline/file/init /hash/group/offline/init /hash/group/offline/file/init /document/doc/identification/offline

{NEW} 2FA authentication service now available with Face Scan

Now you can request your clients to confirm authentication with forced Face Scan, independent of device biometrics and with higher level of assurance. The new process is recommended for login confirmation, payment requests confirmation and many more. /document/auth/online Included new optional parameter “BioRequired” =”0” or “1”

{NEW} API Callback – retries and authorization

Authorization: We’ve added an option for client certificate authentication – issue а certificate and send it to us to set it up. Retries: If we get response http code 200 & 204, а retry won’t be made. In case of no response, error, or timeout – we will make 2 more retries. The time between each retry is 30 seconds.