Sutherland Bulgaria digitalised the whole process of document processing and new hires after integration with Evrotrust

The Business process outsourcing in Bulgaria used remote and qualified e-identification and e-signature for the first time

Sofia, 1st October, 2020 - The business services outsourcing company Sutherland Bulgaria, part of the global company Sutherland, integrated the remote and qualified e-identification and e-signature of Evrotrust Technologies for digitising the whole process of document processing and new hires. Evrotrust’ s services can be used directly through smartphones.

After the integration with Evrotrust, Sutherland Bulgaria provided a flexible process for documents’ management for both its current employees and new hires. The entire digitised cycle of administrative services for Sutherland Bulgaria‘s existing employees significantly reduces the time for document processing, increases the efficiency of the work process and provides a safe and healthy environment in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together with Evrotrust we provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees. It is one of our main priorities. Our goal is to provide the best conditions in the current epidemic situation and help our employees to develop their potential. Even before COVID-19, we have already had global experience in the transfer of work processes at home", said Yakim Kastelov, SE Lead, Service Excellence EMEA at Sutherland Bulgaria.

Using Evrotrust’s qualified e-signature that has the same legal value as the paper handwritten signature, new hires can join Sutherland Bulgaria without visiting any of its offices in Sofia, Varna, Burgas or Plovdiv. In Bulgaria the company has over 2500 employees.

The integration with Evrotrust also has an important social impact in the practice of Sutherland Bulgaria. "Using the technology and mobile application of Evrotrust Technologies for e-identification, e-signature and immediate delivery of e-documents, it will make easier hiring people with disabilities, as they no longer need to visit our offices to sign their contracts,"explained Kastelov from Sutherland Bulgaria.

Thе technology of Evrotrust for e-identification and e-signature is extremely innovative and has no analogue in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in Bulgaria.

“The coronavirus pandemic gave a strong impetus to the digitalisation of businesses. The BPO sector is no exception and we are pleased that Sutherland Bulgaria is our reliable partner. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Evrotrust' s services directly contribute to the protection of employees’ health and life, as well as help companies to continue to work and develop their business,” said Konstantin Bezuhanov, CEO of Evrotrust Technologies.

The mobile app of Evrotrust Technologies is fully compliant with all information security & healthy standards and requirements. Evrotrust uses advanced 3D machine-learning technology for automated face recognition and ID document processing. Nearly 90 000 people are using Evrotrust 's mobile application.