Evrotrust will offer free e-Signatures for Bulgarian citizens and SMEs once again

The company has joinеd the initiative of the State e-Government Agency, aiming to encourage the use of public administration’s e-services during the COVID-19 pandemic

Sofia, 11th December 2020 - The Bulgarian company Evrotrust Technologies, providing technology and mobile application for e-identification, e-signature and registered e-mail through digital channel, will offer again e-signatures free of charge for Bulgarian citizens and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

From now until 10th January 2021, using Evrotrust’s qualified electronic signatures (QES) free of charge, Bulgarian citizens and SMEs will be able to submit requests and receive public administration’s e-services through the centralized portal of the State e-Government Agency (SeGA) - www.egov.bg. The campaign is part of SeGA’s initiative, calling on users of public administration’s services to request, pay and receive them digitally through the centralized portal in order to limit their contacts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Services for citizens and businesses are a priority of the e-government. Our initiative aims to stimulate and facilitate people to be active participants in the e-government”, said Atanas Temelkov, the Chairman of SeGA.

Using Evrotrust’s e-signatures free of charge, citizens and businesses can request e-services of all central, regional and municipal administrations in Bulgaria that are available through the centralized portal of SeGA - www.egov.bg.

Participating in this initiative, Evrotrust contributes to the society’s efforts to fight the coronavirus. The company supported a similar initiative by SeGA during the state of emergency over COVID-19 in the spring.

In recent months, Evrotrust was integrated by a lot of state institutions, so the access to public services for citizens and businesses was facilitated. Using Evrotrust’s the e-services of the Bulgarian Registry Agency can be requested through its centralized portal, uniting the Property Register, the Business Register and the Register of non-profit legal entities, as well as the electronic conviction status certificate that is available through the website of the Ministry of Justice.

As of 30 November 2020 using Evrotrust’s mobile app for remote and qualified e-identification and e-signature, citizens can already request and receive a personal identification code (PIC) from the National Social Security Institute (NSSI). The request for PIC can be submitted directly through the smartphone - the fastest, most convenient and safest way in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The coronacrisis boosted the digital transformation of the state institutions and businesses. Evrotrust is a powerful tool for the digitalisation of public administration's services. It brings a lot of benefits for citizens and businesses. More than 100 000 people are using Evrotrust’s mobile app, as of this spring their number is growing very fast. E-services are saving lives during the pandemic”, said Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov, board member of Evrotrust.

Evrotrust’s e-signature has the same legal value as the handwritten paper-based signature. Evrotrust’s mobile application could be downloaded free of charge from Google Play или App Store on each smart device - a mobile phone or a tablet operating with iOS and Android operating system.