Evrotrust Secures a New €3.3 Million Investment

The funding comes at a crucial time when the digital identity landscape is on the brink of significant changes, especially with the forthcoming eIDAS 2.0 regulation.

Evrotrust has recently secured a significant investment of €3.3 million. This development follows our recognition in 2023 as a notified eID scheme by the European Commission, affirming our dedication to pioneering digital transformation and identity verification globally.

From our headquarters in Bulgaria, we’ve grown to become a trusted name in the digital identity sphere, serving over 1.3 million unique users from 58 countries and partnering with 150 enterprises, including 15 of Europe's top banking institutions. This new funding, contributed by our existing clients and the respected private equity fund Silverline Capital, is set to help us reach even more users and markets around the world.

This investment is earmarked for two main goals. Firstly, it will help us to expand our global presence, bringing our services to more people and businesses. Secondly, it will support the creation of a brand-new product - an innovative digital identity wallet. This wallet will offer a secure place for users to store important documents like identity cards, educational diplomas, and driving licenses, prioritizing user security and privacy while ensuring compatibility with various international digital infrastructures.

“Our latest funding round is a clear sign of trust from those who have experienced the value of our platform firsthand. It’s a boost for our plans to develop further and enter new markets,” said Konstantin Bezuhanov, CEO of Evrotrust. “We’re working on solutions that go beyond the tech industry, aiming to align digital and offline identity uses with the evolving demands of the modern world.”

This funding arrives at a crucial time as the digital identity landscape is set to undergo significant changes, especially with the introduction of the eIDAS 2.0 regulation. It’s a big opportunity for growth, and we’re gearing up for it by expanding our team with highly skilled executives across Europe to lead our innovation and expansion efforts.

Here at Evrotrust, we view ourselves as more than just a tech company. We are facilitators of digital transformation, helping businesses and governments digitize their operations and develop robust digital channels. Our comprehensive solution for electronic identification and signing with qualified certificates allows users to participate in the digital economy securely using just their smartphone.

Our partnership with Silverline Capital, known for supporting businesses with the potential to become industry leaders, reflects their confidence in our vision and our capacity for global impact. As the world increasingly moves online, the role of digital identity verification becomes ever more critical. With this new investment, we’re well-positioned to continue leading the charge in making digital identity verification more secure, user-friendly, and widely accessible.