Evrotrust Release Notes (Official Release v.24.1.0)

PRODUCTION RELEASE: February 13, 2024 Dear Evrotrust customers and partners, we’re happy to announce the release of Evrotrust v.24.1.0. Production release is planned for Feb 13, 2024, and is expected to start at 21:00 EET with approximately 3 hours of downtime. Details on the improvements and changes are below.


Update to the latest version available.

{IMPROVED} Updated document scan and face recognition

Updated document scan and face recognition to the latest versions

{IMPROVED} Improved post-supervision user flow

Improved user flow for certificate issuing after supervision

II. Portal

{IMPROVED} Improved legal person eID instructions

Improved the instructions for the legal person eID flow

{IMPROVED} Security upgrades

Additional security upgrades (not user-related)


{NEW} Legal persons eID Face ID

Now you can send a Face ID request to a user to confirm the identification of a legal person

{NEW} eDelivery public key

Public key is now an optional parameter in the request for eDelivery

{IMPROVED} Improved status codes

Improved the status codes in /document/doc/offline/activate: 448—Expired activation code; New: 489—Signing is in progress with previous activation code; New: 490—Incorrect document status (expired, withdrawn, etc.)

IV. All integration channels

{NEW} New languages for OTP

The OTP e-Signing process is now supported in: BG, EN, SQ, HU, RO, IT, MK, FR, DE

{FIXED} Bug fixed and improvements

Various bug fixes and improvements