Production Release: June 20, 2023

Evrotrust Release Notes (Official Release v.23.2.0)

Dear Evrotrust customers and partners, we’re happy to announce the release of Evrotrust v.23.2.0. Production release is planned for June 20, 2023, and is expected to start at 20:30 EET with approximately 3 hours of downtime. Details on the improvements and changes are below.


Update to the latest version available - v.2.0.407 for Android and v.2.0.693 for iOS.

{NEW} Mobile app is now available in Italian and French language

You can now use the Evrotrust mobile app in 8 different languages: English, German, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Albanian, Romanian and the new additions – Italian and French.

{IMPROVED} Changes to the document scanning process

We have optimized the instruction screens and improved the document scanning step by adding new functionality to manually take pictures in case the auto scan is not working on certain mobile devices. We have added a new screen, where the ID document image/s are now available for review and re-take, in order to improve the quality and speed up the identity approval process.

{IMPROVED} Optimized Home screen

We have updated the Home screen design to bring more visibility to the available menu.

{IMPROVED} Issuing authority field added in PII list

“Issuing authority” is added as a new field in the PII data extracted from the ID document. Users can read and edit it if needed for reasons related to OCR/MRZ data extraction.

{NEW} Registration rejection reason is now available

In the case when user registration is rejected after supervision by Evrotrust, the reason for rejection is communicated to the user for correction. The reason is also visible in the Evrotrust Portal or via API for user/check/extended:

{IMPROVED} Important security upgrade

We have updated the face recognition library, adding significant new security layers to combat sophisticated new Level 5 attacks. Now the library is updated with optimized security AI that includes these improved layers of protection.


{NEW} Added new parameter for user/check/extended - “rejectReason”

The “rejectReason” is available in API v.1.0.210, as well as Callback API v.1.0.16