Production Release: March 23, 2023

Evrotrust Release Notes (Official Release v.23.1.0)

Dear Evrotrust customers and partners, we’re happy to announce the release of Evrotrust v.23.1.0. Production release is planned for March 23, 2023, and is expected to start at 20:30 EET with approximately 3 hours of downtime. Details on the improvements and changes are below.


Update to the latest version available - v.2.0.402 for Android and v.2.0.689 for iOS.

{NEW} Romanian is added as a supported language

You can now use the Evrotrust mobile app in 6 different languages: English, German, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Albanian, and the new addition – Romanian.

{FIXED} Use Evrotrust account on a new device

Log in to an Evrotrust profile on a second device is again available with a face recognition step added for extra security.

{IMPROVED} Improved document scanning process for two-sided documents (ID cards)

We introduce a two-step document scanning process for ID cards. After successfully scanning one side of the document, the user goes to a screen giving them instructions to turn and scan the other side of the document. After clicking “Continue” the user proceeds to scan the second side of their ID document. This improvement gives the users more time to read the instructions, flip the ID document and make a successful scan.

{IMPROVED} Improved document scanning experience

Screen instructions are now larger and their position is more central for better visibility.

{IMPROVED} Account deactivation process in case of forgotten credentials

We made improvements in the steps for the self-deactivation of a profile in case of a forgotten secret password. The new process gives users an easy way to deactivate their accounts without assistance from customer support.

{FIXED & IMPROVED} Other changes

Android 13 supported; iOS 16 supported; Fixed Android bug - sometimes when a signed document was saved in Drive, the .pdf file was broken; App crash on Android fixed


Improvement in the performance and speed when using the “Sent” and “Search” tabs. Additional bug fixes were implemented.

{NEW} Callback is sent now for all final statuses for API document signing requests:

Statuses: 2 – Signed; 3 – Rejected; 4 – Expired; 5 – Failed; 6 – Withdrawn; 7 – Undeliverable; 8 - Face recognition failed.

{IMPROVED} Hash signing controls improved.

For all the requests to sign the hash of documents keep the following requirements for the hash: Hash to be sent in the request; Type = “string”; Length from 1 to 512