You can now find Evrotrust on the Salesforce AppExchange!

With Evrotrust for Salesforce, users can send documents for signature directly from the CRM. Parties sign fast and easy with the Evrotrust mobile application, which offers unparalleled convenience and security. Streamline your document handling and boost the productivity of your entire organization.

Evrotrust's superb e-signature experience comes to Salesforce! Get the Evrotrust add-on and use the intuitive interface to send documents for signing with QES (Qualified Electronic Signature) or AES (Advanced Electronic Signature). Signed copies are immediately available in the CRM. Signing is done with the Evrotrust mobile app - upon registration, users go through a 3-minute identity verification, and after that, they are issued a qualified e-signature certificate for free. From that point on, they can sign any digital document with just a lick on their smartphone.

This integration is incredibly convenient for sales teams, who can now quickly get documents sent, signed, and returned from within Salesforce and close deals faster.

"We are proud to be part of the Salesforce ecosystem. With the Evrotrust add-on, users can leverage the most secure and compliant signing with QES available out there. We stay true to our commitment to help professionals focus on what's important and minimize the effort to handle papers." - said Konstantin Bezuhanov, CEO of Evrotrust.

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