Evrotrust is a proud member of the Cloud Signature Consortium

As of today, Evrotrust Technologies JSCo. is officially an Associate Member of the Cloud Signature Consortium - the industry leading group of organisations, committed to building the #NextGeneration of cloud-based digital signatures.

Membership with the Cloud Signature Consortium is given only upon approval, and it places Evrotrust within an elite group of trust service providers. Evrotrust Technologies JSCo. is the only trust provider from Bulgaria to be part of the Cloud Signature Consortium.

The Cloud Signature Consortium is a global group of industry, government, and academic organizations committed to driving standardization of highly secure and compliant digital signatures in the cloud.

Inspired by the rigorous requirements of the European Union’s Regulation on Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS), our common technical specification helps ease solution interoperability, streamlines compliance with e-signature regulations, and opens the market for uniform adoption of cloud-based digital signatures around the world.