Evrotrust and SEPA Cyber Technologies join forces to accelerate digital transformation of businesses and institutions

The innovative solutions of both companies make a lot of e-services accessible directly through smartphones

Sofia, 14th January 2021 - The Bulgarian companies Evrotrust Technologies, providing unique technology and mobile application for remote and qualified e-identification, e-signature and registered e-mail, and SEPA Cyber Technologies, offering IT solutions for digital transformation of the banking, financial and retail sectors, start a partnership in order to accelerate the digitalization of traditional banking, insurance, leasing, etc. services. The innovative solutions of both companies will significantly facilitate the access of citizens and businesses to e-services by requesting and receiving them with just one click, directly through their smartphones.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the integration between Evrotrust Technologies and SEPA Cyber Technologies enables clients to use e-services of banks, insurance companies, leasing companies, etc. quickly, easily and safely. They can be ordered 24/7, saving clients’ time and money, and adding value to business.

SEPA Cyber Technologies enables companies around the world to digitize their services easily and quickly, thanks to its flexible and scalable software solutions. Its product portfolio includes regulatory software, banking services, mobile and crypto wallets reducing manual labour and giving a digital advantage in our fast-paced life and a highly competitive business environment. SEPA Cyber Technologies’ digital services solve queuing problems, for example a client using regulatory services just scans his/her ID document and applies for banking services without queuing.

Our strategic partnership with Evrotrust creates new opportunities for digital transformation of business and government institutions in Bulgaria. Consumers want to make payments and request services quickly, easily and securely. In the context of the obligatory social distance, digital solutions are a must. We are joining forces with Evrotrust to bring maximum benefits for clients," said Marvin Blazhevski, founder and CEO of SEPA Cyber Technologies.

Using Evrotrust' s mobile app, citizens and businesses can sign applications directly through a smartphone - the fastest and most convenient way to receive administrative services saving time and money. Evrotrust is integrated by leading banks, insurance companies, pension funds, leasing companies, telecoms, a lot of state institutions, including regional and municipal administrations in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Registry Agency, the National Social Security Institute (NSSI), etc.

“The COVID-19 pandemic boosted the digital transformation of business, government institutions and society as a whole. Digitalization is a factor for increasing competitiveness. It also brings a lot of benefits for citizens who can request and receive e-services quickly, easily and safely in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are pleased that our partnership with SEPA Cyber Technologies is very successful. We are working together to make traditional banking, insurance, leasing, etc. services accessible legally and entirely electronically, with just one click through a smartphone", said Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov, board member of Evrotrust.

Evrotrust’s e-signature has the same legal value as the handwritten paper-based signature. The mobile app of Evrotrust Technologies is fully compliant with all information security requirements. The company uses advanced 3D machine-learning technology for automated face recognition and ID document processing.